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Conduct Inspections, Audits, Safety & Quality walk and much more quickly and efficiently with OnSite Checklist. It can be adapted to any type of audit and easy to create a template on the desktop then transferred to the phone.

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Version required iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.1 or later


Allow you to completely create custom inspections

Create inspection templates that are suited for your work. You can decide your questions or tests. No need for any unnecessary questions or tests. You can build your inspection templates for any type of audit and easy to create a template in app or use our free online Template Builder to build templates on the desktop then transferred to the phone.

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Boost the power of your inspections.

Choose option PASS, FAIL or NA. Add the comments, multiple photos with annotations, multiple actions to each test with action comments, due date, assignee and action completion status.


OnSite Checklist Features

OnSite Checklist is flexible for use in any industry, simple enough for everyday use, and has a lot’s of powerful features to make your inspections quicker, richer and more informative.

How OnSite Checklist works?

A video is having worth of thousand words. You can see the complete working of OnSite Checklist app with the help of this demo video.

If you still have any questions for working on the app, then please write at

Web Template Builder

Use in-app or Web Template Builder for building the inspection templates. You can add categories and tests according to your work, no need for any unnecessary questions or tests. If you have any existing data into your documents and excel sheets, then just copy that data on our Web Template Builder and create templates and email that template to your device and import into the app and start your inspections. It is very easy and simple.


Complete inspection details

OnSite Checklist has the complete inspection details that include title, reference number, date, address, location map, site photos, client details, auditor details, unlimited assignees/responsible persons, multiple manager with post and their signatures and much more.


Professional Report

The PDF report is the final output of OnSite Checklist app. We have designed good looking professional reports that have everything. While report generation, we have given so many filters to generate the specific report for your clients. You can generate the report related to specific assignee/ contractor / responsible persons, for a given time interval, test with actions, test without actions, actions with a due date, complete actions and many more filters.


User reviews

Read what the people are saying about OnSite Checklist app.

Exceptional Mobile App

The most powerful checklist app four construction infections and safety audits. I like that templates sharing functionality with team members. Overall a good app you can use it for any type of checklist audit.

— B Verma, United States #

Keeps getting better!

Excellent audit checklist. It can be adapted to any type of audit and easy to create template on desktop then transfered to phone.

— J .Rios, Australia #

So far this app looks very good

I have had multiple apps of this kind. Thus far I would like to see an Template editor or just more options when editing the template. 1. Would like to adjust or add wording in final report 2. Maybe add or remove info for various parties involved. a. Investor b. Client c. CEO 3. The simplicity is key with this app so that is where the difficulty lies, to broaden the adjustability. Thank you FJB

— bloodys, United States #

Looking fine

I operate Bar and was looking for app that would let me get rid of pen and paper infection form I was able to copy my old infection and paste it directly into this app Now I can make notes take picture and assigned responsibility all in one place then I can Email the finished inspection form in a pdf format. this is a huge time saver checklist app.

— SH, India #


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How does it work?

It is simple and easy. Just create a template and start your inspection. You can create the template in - app or web with the help of temple builder and share that template with any who have the OnSite Checklist app. In the templates we have the unlimited categories and questions.

Is there any data backup facility available?

No, right now we are not having such data backup functionality, but in future we will work for it. Just keep in mind if you will be deleting the app, then your whole data will be lost. Before deleting the app generate reports for all inspections and email. You can also keep templates on email and import those any time into the app.

What is the cost of the app?

Its cost is $1.5. There is no other hidden costs or in app purchase for the app. It is ad free. You just need to pay when you will download from play store. if you think the app is not according to your need, then get a refund from play store. Getting a refund from the play store is an easy step.

Is it working online?

No, it works offline. Its standalone app. You can generate the report anywhere without internet connectivity. Internet is required only when you want share the report to anyone.

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